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LIVE! @ 6:00 PM

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About The Banquet

The Greater Texarkana Branch 103rd Freedom Fund Awards Banquet is the Branch’s primary fundraiser, supporting programming, activism, and outreach.  These funds allow us to fulfill the Branch’s mission to serve Texarkana and Northeast Texas, its community and people and to provide and assist people in hopes of ensuring equal prosperity, advancement and opportunities; as well as protect the rights and freedom of people in anticipation that they can pursue, fulfill and achieve their aspirations.

The Banquet also recognizes outstanding community leaders who generously offer their time, knowledge and dedication within the community; as well as identify as true freedom fighters.

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J Crockett.jpg

I’ve seen first-hand how unjust laws can ruin families in the State of Texas and I realize I have two options; I can continue to fight the injustice case by case in the court of law OR I can go to Austin and fight to change those laws. I’ve decided my unique experiences as a civil rights attorney will serve to educate those on the house floor of the real life problems with many of the laws that have been implemented.

Keynote Speaker
Texas State Representative
Jasmine Crockett

E Cutrer_edited_edited.jpg

Dr. Emily Cutrer
Benjamin Dennis
President Award

L Williams.png

Mr. Lee Williams III
A. E. Alton
Educational Award

L Robinson_edited.jpg

Dr. Loren Robinson
Dan Haskin
Torchbearer Award

L Douglas_edited.jpg

Sergeant Lloyd Douglas
Dr. G. W. Thompson
Professional Award

J Larkins.jpg

Reverend James Larkins
Religious Affairs Award

J Matlock_edited.png

Ms. Jean Matlock

Dr. Shirley Finn

Trailblazer Award

D McGary.jpg

Mr. Derrick McGary

Dr. Calvin Rolark

Business and Economic Award

B Pitts-Riley.JPG

Mrs. Barbara Pitts-Riley

Mr. John J. Jones, Sr.

Community Service Award

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