2020-2022 Branch Officers


  • Robert A. Jones, President

  • Rev. Ronald E. Ruffin, 1st Vice President

  • Pastor Malvin 'Tony' Patterson, 2nd Vice President

  • Dr. Anthony Stevenson, 3rd Vice President

  • Melva Flowers, Treasurer

  • Barbara Adkins-Sears, Secretary

  • Ruby Hildreth, Assistant Secretary     


Each officer in the Branch serves a unique function that benefits the Branch and the Texarkana community.

2020-2022 Executive Committee


  • Jacqueline Jackson

  • James Keeton

  • Mary Keeton

  • Jean Matlock

  • Anthony Rhone

  • Cassandra Rhone

  • Rae Thigpen


The Executive Committee shall have general control of the affairs and program of the Unit, subject to the authority of the Unit and the provisions of the Constitution and approved bylaws. The Executive Committee, consisting of the Unit officers and Standing Committee Chairpersons, has  the responsibility of handling the general affairs of the Unit. In Branches, Presidents of the Youth Councils, College Chapters and Youth Advisors also serve on the Executive Committee.