Greater Texarkana Branch Standing Committees

  • Communications, Press and Publicity - Chair, Zebrina Roberston

  • Community Affairs - Chair, Rev. Ronald E. Ruffin

  • Community Coordination - Co-chairs Jacqueline Jackson and Cassandra Rhone

  • Education - Chair, Carolyn Moore
  • Finance - Chair, Melva Flowers

  • Freedom Fund - Chair, Melva Flowers

  • Health - Chair, Rae Thigpen

  • Housing - Chair, Melva Flowers

  • Legal Redress - Chair, Dr. Anthony C. Stevenson

  • Membership and Life Membership - Chair, Ruby Hildreth

  • Religious Affairs - Chair, Rev. Ronald E. Ruffin

  • Veterans Affairs - Chair, James Keeton

  • Women in the NAACP (WIN) - Chair, Ruby Hildreth

The work of the NAACP is done by Standing Committees and not in the General Membership meeting. These committees are called Standing because they continue to exist and operate throughout the life of the organization.  Only in rare instances when the President and/or Executive Committee has determined that a matter is time sensitive and pressing should any discussion be allowed to take place during a General Membership meeting.  In those instances, when they arise, the respective standing committee should take the lead by investigating and verifying/validating all facts, prior to the Unit taking any action. Join A Committee! The Branch’s strongest asset is its membership and our member's willingness to share skills, knowledge and expertise.  Please click NAACP Bylaws (pgs. 43-48) for descriptions and other committees.   Please send the Branch an email via if you are interested in joining a committee(s). 

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